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     To improve the service maintenance of tourists

reconstructed part of the road, as well as additional

conducted a telephone line. Develops 10 horses and a camel, 5

Street, two helicopter routes. Mountaineering camp organized

the foot of the glacier Inilchek, Jenish, Lenin. Particular attention is paid to new

Types of tourism as environmental, mountain, adventure, tourism Jailoo.

    To attract tourists especially important reconstruction and restoration

historical monuments such as the Caravanserai "Tash-Rabat" settlement

"Koshoy Korgon" mausoleum "Tailak-Baatyr." The problem of ensuring

tourist facilities telecommunications networks, means of communication.

    Despite the fact that the environment is organization and preparation areas

Visits tourists on a qualitative level, to maintain the infrastructure

as a whole, not the standards. Poor condition of roads,

Transportation facilities, low level of material and technical basis is not

is a fairly large number of visitors from tourists in this area.


Tours to Kyrgyzstan: 1910 Trekking
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days
Day 1. Your arrival at the airport Manas. Meet your guide and transferred to hotel. Your lunch the night you stay at the hotel. 7 hours to serve
Day 2. Shamsi is transferred to the Valley in the morning. Trekking down the valley of the Red-Suu. Damascus. Your lunch will be served at 7 at night, you can spend the night in tents.
Day 3. Trekking in the gold-Suu. Your lunch will be served at 7 at night, you can spend the night in tents.
4 days. After breakfast, trekking to a small switch. Trekking down the Kok-Jar-Suu. Your lunch will be served at 7 at night, you can spend the night in tents.
5 days. In the morning trekking down the valley. Explore the canyons. Your lunch will be served at 7 at night, you can spend the night in tents.
Day 6. After breakfast, we start trekking down the valley. Explore the canyons. Your lunch will be served at 7 at night, you can spend the night in tents.
7 days The day begins with breakfast in the building. Trekking through the transition. Red Bridge trekking down the valley. Your lunch will be served at 7 at night, you can spend the night in tents.
Day 8. After breakfast drive to Bishkek. Your lunch the night you stay at the hotel. 7 hours to serve
Day 9 Transfer to the airport for departure.

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Our company will try our best to help you discover this beautiful country on your own, and learn about the nomadic way of life. One of the best ways to do that is to hike or horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. Your visit will be engraved celestial Kyrgyzstan in your mind throughout your life.


For deeper information about Kyrgyzstan and life can have a look at the new guide by David Peytray.


This book is called "Kyrgyzstan Travel" and it was written after David traveled throughout Kyrgyzstan. This book is valuable due to the fact that the most critical information required for each traveler. He traveled in Kyrgyzstan for 3 months and the main purpose was to discover what you need to know for your trip. Now "Kyrgyzstan Travel" is also present in the best places of Kyrgyzstan. You can use it while traveling in Kyrgyzstan because it has a lot of useful information. You might find out the most outstanding highlights of Kyrgyzstan. For example, you can learn a lot Kyrgyzstan transportation system that you can use when you travel. Of course, this makes it easier for you to travel. The book tells the story of the rates of transport of Kyrgyzstan. In addition to a description of where you can get transportation in Kyrgyzstan. It is easy to travel to Kyrgyzstan, but if you want to have a well-organized tour better to ask the tour company to do it. Especially in the case, if you want to have a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan better to use a travel agent. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is one of the most popular among leisure travelers. Kyrgyzstan boasts three 7000-meter peaks. There are thousands of gorges that Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful and exciting to trekking tours. All of them are different in Kyrgyzstan and during one tour you can see the amazing landscape variability. Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan is celebrated not only among professionals. Most people who come here for trekking for beginners and for which they have a wonderful experience and want to come back for more. And Kyrgyzstan is really a perfect place for hiking. Trekking tours can be organized for half a day, or 20 days. Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan different levels of difficulty, so it can be different options. Horse riding tours are also available at ease. You just have to ask a travel agent to produce a light trekking tour for you. And our travel company prepares a special trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan for you. The combination of trekking and horse riding tours are also possible. Used in many places, trekking tours mystery hidden in the mountains. You will have a trekking tour in places that are very far from civilization. This trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan you will feel complete freedom. The trekking will let you feel enchanted by the wild nature that surrounds you. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan gives you a great chance to find out everything nomads. If you have a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan you will sleep not only in tents but also in Kyrgyz yurts, portable foldable flats are already more than two thousand years ago. Life nomads quite a unique experience. These travelers usually a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan and then come back with their friends. Any trekking tour can be organized either you or your friends. Even if it's just you travel, you can ask a travel company to that of another group trekking. If you go it will make the price lower. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan growing in popularity. Attracts more and more tourists to Kyrgyzstan trekking tours. I want to enjoy the tour in Kyrgyzstan and that is why you have the best roads. In fact, trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan is outstanding for the price. It is not too extensive, a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan. All trekking tour includes the complete transfer of Kyrgyzstan. This will be only 40 minutes to start the tour, not far from Bishkek city. The nearestplace organize trekking tours Kyrgyzstan province, which surrounds the city of Bishkek. There are many gorges that are just perfect for hiking. On our website you can find many enjoyable leisure according to your wishes: The most famous of them are:

Trekking tour:

It is very important to find a good travel agency in Kyrgyzstan in order to be a worthy way. A good travel agency in Kyrgyzstan can organize a perfect tour for you for a surprisingly good price. There are many companies in Kyrgyzstan to help you out. Not all of these travel agencies can organize a cultural tour, a horse riding tour or a trekking tour. It is better to find a travel companies that is famous among travelers. If you want a good company to spend vacations at a high level for us, who can really help you. Most of the tours recommended by travel companies usually standardized. Despite the fact that the tour has been standardized and are always welcome to change the program according to your wishes. But this must be done in advance. You can ask the travel company that brings you want to visit in Kyrgyzstan and that's all. You get a quick answer to the travel company. If you change the whims of companies make sure that the tour will be settled the way you want it to be. Travel companies are very flexible for tourists, as they are the main privileges. We are not tired of reminding you that the most reasonable prices. The company is reliable. Kyrgyzstan is well liked its stunning nature and hospitable people. It is also possible to live with local families in Kyrgyzstan. Just be sure to say that the travel company.

Horse riding tours are the most popular among tourists. To better organized riding tours recommended for travel agents. Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is very popular stay. Kyrgyzstan boasts three 7,000 - meter peaks. It also divides the thousands riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. These gorges really worth riding. All of them are different in Kyrgyzstan and during one tour you can see many amazing views. Horseback riding tours in Kyrgyzstan are popular not only among professionals. Many tourists who come to Kyrgyzstan for horse riding, those who have never had the pleasure riding. But the important thing is to always be happy with the tour and want to come back. And it really is a wonderful land of Kyrgyzstan horse riding. You have a half day horse riding tour 20 days or less. Horse riding tours are divided into different categories of difficulty. The light category horse riding tour is also available. These tours are usually recommended for beginners. The bottom line is that you need to ask the travel agent for a light horse riding tour. And our travel company prepares a special horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan for you. It is also possible to combine treeking riding tour, or cultural tour. There are many places in the riding of Kyrgyzstan, which mysteriously hidden by beautiful mountains. The places where you go to that horse rides so far away from civilization. This horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan you will feel complete freedom and spent a wonderful time on your vacation. The ride will let you know that only the wild and beautiful nature. Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is nothing but an unforgettable experience and a wonderful time. The best thing about riding the rides that will be a great opportunity to experience a real nomadic lifestyle. On our website we offer riding tours are the most important:


Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan:

Choosing a riding tour to buy a wonderful opportunity to experience living in yurts. Yurts is the most portable and collapsible dwellings made of wood and felt, and they are also available according to your request for touring requirements. And living among nomads makes Kyrgyzstan is unique. Companies are able to organize tours not only for you, but also with friends. Even if you are traveling alone can ask a travel company to that of another group of riding. In this way, the price will be lower for horse riding, and it may be that someone with you. Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan has become increasingly popular. Form the year horse riding is very popular with tourists, and I'm always happy to come and experience it. I want to enjoy riding in Kyrgyzstan and therefore we offer the best trips. In fact, riding tours in Kyrgyzstan also famous for the price. You will be pleasantly surprised with our prices for horse rides. All tours include transfers of riders throughout Kyrgyzstan. This gives you a good chance to explore the charm of its own. To start riding tour is going to have only 40 minutes' drive from the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. The nearest place in this region of Kyrgyzstan. We have hundreds of beautiful gorges to have a wonderful horse riding trips. The move, which the rider rides are organized in terms of pristine nature, and not the people they met on your way.



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