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 An important prerequisite for the building of socialism in Kyrgyzstan, as in other regions of the USSR was the socialist transformation of agriculture.


In the course of building socialism in the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan underwent fundamental change in culture and ideology. In the Kyrgyz SSR Cultural Revolution was carried out difficult for various reasons. They determined the economic and cultural backwardness of the edge in the past, nomadic and semi-nomadic way of life, the small size of the working class, illiteracy. In 1924 he was created alphabet Kyrgyz people. In the first decade of Soviet power were the first steps in the fight against illiteracy. And already in 1926, the overall literacy rate was 15%. Through the efforts of the Party, government organizations in 1939 in Kyrgyzstan, the literacy of the population has risen aged between 9 and 49 to 82%. During the Soviet period, there was a system of public education. During the Cultural Revolution in the country established national writing, printing, and cultural - educational foundations.


Tours to Kyrgyzstan: 1914 Trekking
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days

Day 1. Arrival at the International Airport of Manas in Kyrgyzstan. Transmission in Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Breakfast 7 am this morning. 12 h lunch will be served. 7 pm Dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 2. Breakfast is 7 am. Moving to Kochkor in Kyrgyzstan felt carpet shop. 12 h lunch will be served. Kochkorka trekking tour and travel around.
7 pm, and dinner with the night in tents.
3-5 days. Breakfast is 7 am. Son-Kul Lake for the trekking tour and travel . 12 h lunch will be served. Koyar ten kilometers upriver from the village Kochkorka hikes tour . 7 pm, and dinner with the night in tents. 3260 m and 3700 m in 5 days tour : 5-6 in two hours to go and travel through every day tour driving. In the evening of the 5th day tour , the lake Son-Kul to come.
Day 6. Breakfast is 7 am. Life tour on the lake Son-Kul Yurts. 7 pm Dinner and night of tour in the dormitory.
7 days Breakfast is 7 am. Trekking tour around the lake Son-Kul. 12 h lunch will be served.
7 pm, and dinner with the night in tents.
Day 8. Breakfast is 7 am. Transmission tour in Bishkek. 12 h lunch will be served. 7 pm, and dinner with the night of tour in tents.
Day 9 Breakfast. Flight tour home.

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