Tanya, Feedback 

Great trip to Kyrgyzstan, breathtaking views. I got pleasure from exploring the nature of Kyrgyzstan. Well thought out route. The combination of activity on the route in the form of walks and rest is comfortable. I received a lot of interesting information about Kyrgyzstan. I met with the inhabitants and discovered the beauty of the country!

Jason, Feedback


There is a flavor, very beautiful and picturesque places. But the most pleasant is the price. You can relax well and not feel cheated. Well done residents, trying to develop their country. Thank you!

Mehri, Feedback 

If you want to see the extraordinary beauty of the mountain, the clear expanse of the great Issyk Kul Lake and the deep gorges overgrown with fir trees - be sure to go to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. I spent an extraordinary time with my family and I think to come here again.

Uma, Feedback 

It was one of the best guided tours I have ever made, and I can say that it was amazing. I saw breathtaking sights and some amazing things you can do in this astonishing country. Whether you are looking for true pristine natural attractions or a once in a lifetime adventure, this is where you should be. Safe and reliable.

Victoria, Feedback 

Incredible places are in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. I rode along a mountain road running along a terrific stormy river. When climbing, the elevation difference is not felt, but when you start to descend it is mesmerizing suddenly. I recommend coming here in a rented car.

Nishon, Feedback 

Kyrgyzstan is a country unique in its originality and versatility. The unspoiled nature reserves and natural parks is fascinating. The capital, the city of Bishkek, teems with parks, inexpensive cafes and hotels, which makes it very convenient for tourists. There is also entertainment for every taste: from amusement parks to theme clubs. The cuisine here is very diverse. National, Asian, European, cooked deliciously and relatively inexpensive. I really liked it!