Alpinism - the hiking opportunities

Today the mountain country Kyrgyzstan is seen as the perfect destination to be chosen for the tour to be based on hiking and trekking along the heights. At the same time it is known as the chance of alpinism. For now everyone is able to take a tour, for traveling on rented cars along the heights, but the mountaineers take chances of hiking. At the same time though of the easy reach of hiking, in the times of the Soviet Union it was impossible to get there. The government prohibited, probably due to the uninvestigated territories. But people of high ranks had the allowance of getting there.

Also, nowadays guests of Kyrgyzstan are able to get extra information of the mountain excursion programs they can wander about. But be sure of awareness of the agreements and limitations, benefits and difficulties. Mountains can be also rather dangerous in case the people with no experience are going to the great heights, or when guests travel here without the company knowing these places. The danger is presented with avalanches and crevices.

As in the past times, like today there are many people able to vault the very heights of the peaks of 7000m. And in the past times to these people there was given the title of the Snow Leopard award. About 600 climbers during the existence of the Soviet Union managed to get the award. For now any guest can rent a car and be the visitor of amazing mountains.