Alpinism is a famous activity, which can be taken not by all the people. Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan the visitants can vault small ranges, glaciers and get to the top of different significant sites. Overseers used to travel here Kyrgyzstan tours, they go for risks. There are risks and dangers of getting to the tops of mountains.

The mountains are dangerous from the point of view of unexpected weather circumstances and high precipitations along with low temperatures. Those who are in Kyrgyzstan tours feel that with each new height it gets colder and colder.

In the past it was not allowed to wander in the mountains. Only highly experienced local dwellers could get the allowance. Though, still with restrictions there were made trips in all of the mountains of the country. Those who managed to get to the tops got the award of the Snow Leopard. For now about 600 climbers are estimated to get it.