Altyn Arashan gorge in Kyrgyzstan

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to witness places of legends and myths as the Altyn Arashan gorge. In the course of your tour you will be able to make a witness of the gorge which shows us amazing and unforgettable mountain valley in 10km from Karakol. We would like notice that in the Issyk Kul region there are a lot of sites which may be visited in the course of travelling in Kyrgyzstan. As the information tells us, the gorge is a sort of the spa of mineralzoed waters and spa resorts for all who travel in Kyrgyzstan and take a car for rent and for local citizens. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan we would like you to know that from the Turkic language the gorge is translated as "Golden Spa". For your convenience we are glad to let you to start a tour to the gorge and make a witness of all these picturesque places on rented cars.