We are glad to see you as the member of Kyrgyzstan tours and are ready to tell that this is the country visiting which you will never regret, as everyone will see the Arslanbob. It is the natural walnut forest, being in 80 km from the region Jalal Abad.

The guests can travel their tour here and admire the beauties of the forest, its trees and grass. It is 6,080 km2. The trees get to the height of 30m. Amid Kyrgyzstan tours it is possible to see the Big and Small waterfalls, of 80 and 35m. Despite walnuts, the harvests of apple, cherry and pear are gathered. The forest is the location of the lake Kel-Mazar and Mount Babash-Ata which are of great recommendation for visiting while you are in Kyrgyzstan.