As for the most peculiar sites and highlights of Kyrgyzstan, we notice the Burana tower. Being in 60 km from the capital, it is one of the most visited places among the local people and the new-comers.

In the time of a tour it is possible to see it with your own eyes, to see the territory of the ancient city Balasagun and of course to immerse in the time of the medieval years. It is considered to be the minaret, previously of 45m high. It was created in the 11th century and was destroyed by the khan Genghis.

Kyrgyzstan tours are created the way for you to be able to see the life of the ancient people and to try to be the part of it. Actually it was destroyed, and just in the 15-16th centuries it was found, the ruins were investigated. Then in 19-20th centuries the Soviet researchers started to repair it, along with the expeditions made.

The guests can take Kyrgyzstan tours with an aim to witness the tower, and all that was found and brought to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. For now it is rather easy to travel here and make a visit of the most significant places.