Development of culture views of Manas complex

Tourists from all over the world are eager to visit the beautiful Kyrgyzstan, get acquainted with its historical and cultural attractions and enjoy important places, such as the Manas complex. Tourists have a chance to enjoy the visit during the tours and find out that it is located in Tash-Aryk, 22 km from Talas. And in order to go on great tours in Kyrgyzstan, we offer you to rent a car and learn the facts about the country.

You can find out in the tours that the complex has another name as "Manas-Ordo". And it is equal to the area of 2.25 km2. Car rental from our company is a great solution to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, explore the complex and also learn about the hero of Manas. During the tours, you will explore that the gumbez was also put in honor of other heroes of Kyrgyzstan.

And tourists during our tours will be able to explore that the complex was created in 1334. And according to one of their legends, the daughter of the Emir Abuki was buried here. Residents to protect the complex installed here stone statues that are called warriors of balbals.