Dungan mosque

Those who are not sure about the sites where to travel in Kyrgyzstan tours, can be recommended to see the Dungan mosque. As for the historical side, it is said that in 1877 the people were going from China to Karakol. They were Dungan refugees wishing to make their own place.

Guests in a tour are free to know that in 1907 the Chinese architect was invited to build the mosque. The locals were helping him in it. The mosque was built in the Chinese style, with colors identifying various things, like yellow for wealth, red for being protected from the evils, green to bring happiness.

In the time of Kyrgyzstan tours the visitors will see that in the 20th century it was prohibited to have any religion, any faith. That is why the mosque was closed. Then after WW2, the Muslims gave a good amount of money for recreational works after the war and the rites are allowed. Now it is one of the most visited place in Karakol among those who are in Kyrgyzstan - live or wander.