Eagle hunting

We welcome you to travel in Kyrgyzstan in order to see eagle hunting show. This show and the skills themselves take the beginning in 12-13th centuries. In this case we see harmony of relations between berkutchi, the ones to take and domesticate the birds and the birds, berkuts, eagles, falcon.

Those who are in a tour can see that the berkutchi are highly respected in the country as they used to bring fur and meat to the entire village. In the time of Kyrgyzstan tours it is will be great for all to see that the baby birds are taken from nests, domesticated and trained. They live with men for about 20 years. But in general the eagles live about 40-50 years.

The show is based on the demonstration of hunting skills of the eagles. Kyrgyzstan tours are aimed to show that berkuts can hunt wolves, foxes, lynx, hares. When you have a desire to watch it, come to the country from October. The shows are held in regions of Issyk Kul and Naryn. the price is about 100$ for the group.