Felt show

Felt show is a popular and the most visited activity during Kyrgyzstan tours by the guests. Being in Kyrgyzstan it is recommended to communicate with the local people, as they can tell a lot of interesting facts of the country, its sites and main deals. So, felt show is exactly what you need in a tour. Those who travel here see that most of the clothes and things are made of felt. Felt is made of the wool of sheep. It is the main activity of the Kyrgyz people.

Felt show shows that felt is used in coverings of yurts, clothes, chapan and ak-kalpak, toys. At the same time it is the key ingredient of the carpets creation. All along Kyrgyzstan tours guests will be able to see that chiy is a plant used in decorative purposes. In order to see everything with your own eyes it is necessary to make a trip to Bokonbaevo and Kochkor villages.