Folklore show

The other peculiar feature of Kyrgyzstan is in folklore show. Being in a tour here it is recommended to pay the greatest attention to it, as there are various kinds of it: songs, lyrics, myths and legends. All of them pay a very essential role in the life of the country. Guests are free to travel here and get to know even about the existence of the Kyrgyz people. It is said that there were 40 girls, giving the birth to 40 men, creating 40 tribes of the Kyrgyz people.

All of the places are connected with legends and myths. And all of them will be told in Kyrgyzstan tours. So, musicality is seen in such instruments as komuz, kyyak, chopo choor. Those who can make an improvisation on any subject are akyns. The men who retell the famous epic are manaschi. But, long time ago everything was transmitted orally, the Kyrgyz people didn't have writing skills. Being the member of Kyrgyzstan tours the visitants can take an active part in the show with an aim to listen to the masters of retelling the famous lines. If the show is held in Bishkek, it costs 100$. If it is in the Kochkor village, it costs 50$.