Grigorievskoe gorge Kyrgyzstan

Starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are given an amazing opportunity to make a visit of the famous Grigorievskoe gorge. When you start to travel and rent cars in Kyrgyzstan you are required to make a visit of the Issyk Kul region and watch the 35km valley. During your tour you will be able to make a witness of the peak Kum-Bel of 4200m and Eshenbulak of 4647m. These are stunning and breath-taking sites which may be visited not by all travellers. Travelling in this gorge you will notice Tien Shan firs and feel the pines along with an opportunity to take cars for rent feel emerald green grass under your feet. Making a tour to this place you can feel the outstanding atmosphere of freedom. We are glad to organize a tour for you to travel being in Kyrgyzstan; moreover visiting the gorge you will be able to make a witness of high altitude lakes.