Grigorievskoe gorge

There are a lot of picturesque places in Kyrgyzstan, and most of them are from the natural point of view as the Grigorievskoe gorge, for example. Being in a tour here the boarders can witness purity of all the sites here. Also, it is located in 35 km from the pearl of the country. So being at Issyk Kul guests can visit various places.

The gorge is recommended for all to travel here as it is the home of the fascinating peaks Kum-Bel of 4200m and Eshenbulak of 4647m. Along with it during Kyrgyzstan tours it is possible to see the greatness of the Tien Shan forest. The firs smell thrilling. At the same time everyone can become the part of Kyrgyzstan tours for having an opportunity to get to know high-altitude lakes and rivers.