Hiking opportunities

Because of its rough terrain, Kyrgyzstan is an excellent place for alpinists. On a car rent in Kyrgyzstan tour, it's also a popular method to pass the time away. Climbing and trekking are popular activities in our area among travelers, which attracts mountaineers. While the USSR was in power, going high in the mountains was illegal. People in positions of authority were only allowed to ascend the mountaintops.

Tours and car rent are best done with our guides who will provide further information on the mountains of our country, including all rights and limits, as well as benefits and drawbacks. The risks of avalanches and crevasses are well known in the highlands.

Now, 7000-meter-high climbers are awarded the moniker Snow Leopard. It was awarded to about 600 climbers during the Soviet era. Dear travelers, make the most of your time in Kyrgyzstan by renting a car and going on a tour.


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