Historical events of Kyrgyzstan

With Kyrgyzstan car for rent, our tourists will learn about the history of Kyrgyzstan full information from guides, from local residents. Nevertheless, we will try to summarize in this article the very stages in the history of the Kyrgyz people.

During the tour, our guests travel to different gorges, on the walls of which there are ancient inscriptions, which tells about the ancient existence of the ancestors of the Kyrgyz people - about the nomads. These people had a nomadic lifestyle, so they moved from one pasture to another. At the same time, when moving the nomads, they took with them all their wealth, their livestock and even housing (folding traditional housing-yurts). In fact, the history of the Kyrgyz people is 2000 years old, but in written notes, the history begins in 201 BC.

While traveling with car for rent, guests of our country can see and feel how history has changed since those ancient times. You can even see the art of that time by visiting the Rock Art Gallery in the Issyk-Kul region, in Cholpon-Ata. This place was the spiritual center of the Bronze Age. In its walls, depicted goats, bulls, horses and other animals, scenes of ordinary life, such as dancing, communication.

The history in Chinese resources dates back to 201 BC. And thus the whole ancient history dates back to 1000 BC before 300 AD. And in the chronicle, "Historical Notes" there is information about the Kyrgyz. Other records can be found in the Han Shu chronicle of the historian Bang Gu. At present, many scientists are inclined to believe that the territory of the state of the ancient Kyrgyz was in East Turkestan. In the history of the Kyrgyz people, the period from 1200 to 1400 was remembered for the tragic events due to the invasions of the Mongols, who were able to defeat the already developed Turkic culture with their arrival. The 1207 in history is marked by the fact that the Yenisei Kyrgyz decided to fall under the rule of Chenghiz Khan. Further, it is important to note that in the 12-15 centuries, some Kyrgyz adopted Islam, because this was influenced by close relationships with Persian, Arab and Turkic traders. The 15th century is remembered for the fact that the territory of the Kyrgyz people became a place of resettlement of people from southern Siberia, which is why there was no state here from the 15th to the 19th century. At this time, there were only tribes. Some leaders have tried to create a single state with a single leader. Nevertheless, the result was only the emergence of tribes with a political structure and views on the beginning of independence.

From the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, history has marked the aspiration of the Kyrgyz to become part of the Russian Empire. Only the northern side of the Kyrgyz was interested in this idea, since they suffered from external and internal threats. The southern Kyrgyz did not want to be part of the Russian Empire. As a result, the Kyrgyz of the north achieved what they wanted, and the south was annexed by force. Thus, the nomadic way of life changed to agricultural and civil.

The beginning of the 20th century 1917 is still an important stage in history when the Bolsheviks conquer the state of the Russian Empire, while declaring the absence of the exploitation of people, that they will be equal to each other. So with the beginning of the Soviet Union, the political and cultural life of the country begins to develop, attention is paid to the development of education. The territory of the Kyrgyz people passes from statehood to an autonomous region. During the Soviet Union, it was forbidden to believe in God and have any kind of religion, which caused the death of many innocent people.

Another one of the most important moments in the history of Kyrgyzstan is that in 1991 it became an independent country due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. People of Kyrgyzstan felt independence, but there was a decline in living standards, unemployment and a crisis in political, economic and social life. And from the advantages of gaining independence, they created their own flag and anthem of the country, in 1992 Kyrgyzstan became a member of the UN, in 1993 adopted its Constitution. Learn more while travel with car for rent. However, even with this, there was instability in the country. As a result, in 2005 and 2010, there were two big revolutions due to the dissatisfaction of the Kyrgyz people with the rulers.

Currently, Kyrgyzstan is absolutely calm and safe, prosperous country, where tourists are always welcome. Rent a car and learn more about history!


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