History of Kyrgyzstan

Guests coming to Kyrgyzstan at the basis of a tour want to know everything, so the history of the territory is as follows. The Tien Shan Mountains are known all over the globe, they are said to have been existing since the ancient times. But there were made various attempts to investigate the mountains, leading to not trustful ideas.

During Kyrgyzstan tours the visitants will be able to see that the notions made by the P. Semyonov can be trusted. He used to travel here in the 19th century and said the information about the mountains. Also, in the 7th century BC the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang used to make Kyrgyzstan tours. He said that there is nothing but snow and ice, constant winds. And it is not surprising, as the high altitudes the temperatures are lower, precipitations are higher. In 1273 Marco Polo was the member of trips along these territories.