Holidays of Kyrgyz people

Would you like to travel around Kyrgyzstan through our tours with cars for rent Bishkek service and find out about the holidays celebrated in the country? Then we are ready to please you because we will make your travel dream come true and organize the tour with rent cars service. And also in this article you can see what holidays are celebrated in Kyrgyzstan: January 1 - New Year, January 7 - Orthodox Christmas, February 23 - Defenders of the Fatherland Day, March 8 - International Women's Day, March 21 - National Nooruz holiday, April 7 - April Revolution Day, May 1 - Labor Day, May. 5 - Constitution Day, May 9 - Victory Day, August 31 - Independence Day, November 7 - History and Memory Day, Orozo-Eid, Kurban-Eid.

Holidays of Kyrgyz people, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

By the way, if you intend to travel around Kyrgyzstan, and then know that these holidays are officially declared days off. Coming to Kyrgyzstan and taking the tour with the cars for rent service, many find out that such holidays as Muslim of a religious nature are celebrated in Kyrgyzstan, the days of which are indicated according to the lunar calendar.

Usually travelers coming to Kyrgyzstan first of all rent cars and understand that all holidays are celebrated in different periods of the country's existence, and can be international, Soviet, national holidays. By the way, in Kyrgyzstan on August 31st, the holiday of Independence Day is celebrated, and on March 21st - the traditional Muslim holiday Nooruz, and in honor of this holiday, the Kyrgyz prepare a traditional sumelek from wheat malt. It is important to note that the Kyrgyz people spend many traditional holidays with the burning of juniper.