Horse games and other national games

Those who travel in Kyrgyzstan not for the first tome are eager to be involved in the life of nomads, so they attend shows of horse games and other national games. In our turn we promise the show to be interesting and breathtaking, so that there are various games which can be seen all along the tour. And all of them are connected with horses.

Well, the first game we would like to note is kok-boru. In this case the competitors are presented by two teams. They have an aim to throw the carcass of the goat in the goals of the other team. This game asks for powers, strength as the goat is rather heavy. The next game which can be seen during Kyrgyzstan tours is Erenish. It is almost the same as makes the opponents to throw the members of the other team from the horse.

Kyz-Kuumai is the game of the wedding custom. It is based on the idea that the groom must catch the bride, then kiss and marry her. There is the game which is close to wrestling like alysh. Here strength, powers, skills are required. Then the game toguz korgool can be viewed during Kyrgyzstan tours. It touches the idea of the people of war to play intellectual games during peace time.