Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls)

Tours in Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent may be very interesting and breath-taking in case you include Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls) in a tour program. It should be noted that the gorge is known to be 25km from Karakol. The name is taken from the outer appearance of the stones. We are glad to give you the opportunity to travel to the gorge which is protected natural monument. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be told a lot of legends and myths of the country and all the sites you will visit. Before you start to travel to the gorge we would like to tell the legend of this place - it says that there was the khan whose wife was stolen by the other khan. As the first man didn't want her to belong him, decided to kill them both. So the blood of their bodies colored the gorge in red color. Also, being in a tour on rented car along the gorge you will be able to witness the Broken Heart. It is of the form of the heart which was broken is also described by the legend. So, starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you will hear the legend which tells that there were was the woman who couldn't choose the only one among the two men. They decided to fight for her and were killed both. This situation broke her heart.