Khan Tengri

Kyrgyzstan is just the country of high mountains with the tops known to make the people desire to vault, as the peak Khan Tengri. Mainly the peak is popular for being 6995m above sea level with reaching 7010 with the ice cap at the top of it.

Any tour can be made here only with following all of the instructions of the professionals. The peak was seen as the other one, the investigator P. Semyenov made a mistake and thought it was exactly the other one, Peak Pobeda. That is why they both had the same name of Khan Tengri during different periods of life.

In 1931 the team from Ukraine decided to travel to the top of the peak, and made it successfully. There is a local name for the peak, Kan Tau (Blood Mountain). It can be described either by the number of the people died here or by the red sunsets.

During the times of the Soviets it was prohibited to organize Kyrgyzstan tours to the mountains. But just in 1989 the prohibition was taken off. For those who want to make Kyrgyzstan tours of such kinds it is better to contact our managers as they are glad to give all of the interesting and great details.