Kyrgyz Altyn Arashan gorge

Kyrgyzstan is also known for the stunning Altyn Arashan gorge located in 10km from the very city Karakol. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent a car you will be able to make a tour along significant sites which are located rather close. We would like to introduce you the place which is represented as being at the territory of the country for about 1000 years old. This gorge is known for being the main place for all who travel in the country on rent a car in Bishkek and wish to feel hot springs of it. There are a lot of various animals living in the gorge and you can communicate with them during your tour. For the people to know more about the gorge they are recommended to get to know various details and facts of the site which will be gladly given by our managers to all who wish to travel in the country. Happy to see you in our country and we are glad that you have a desire to travel in Kyrgyzstan as nature gives us amazing opportunities.