Kyrgyz Burana

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are required to take car for renting witness all significant sites and highlights as Burana tower. This site is located in 60km from Bishkek and when you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan you are of great recommendation to travel on rented car to the territory of the ancient city Balasagun. For now when you visit it during a tour you can see that the tower used to be about 45m high but it was destroyed by Genghis Khan in the 13th century. Then in 15th-16th centuries it was completely lost. During the times of the Soviet Union the expeditions were taken to the tower and they were making tours of investigations and findings of all that was taken under the ground. All they have found during these expeditions was given to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. Since 1991 the place became open for all who travel in Kyrgyzstan and wish to get history of the place closer.