Kyrgyz Dungan mosque

Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan and take car for rent Bishkek you are recommended to make a visit of the place which is known to be the shelter of the people in flight - the Dungan mosque. When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan we are going to inform you about the history of the place. And the he history tells, the mosque was created by the architect from Beijing - Chjou Siy in 1907. He was invited by the people who left China for Karakol in 1877 and decided to make a visit of this territory. The helped the architect to create the mosque which was going to be the one created by 20 people without a nail or metal.

When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan to the mosque you will see that it is created in colors of the Chinese people - red to protect the people from evil, yellow to bring prosperity, green to bring happiness to the house.

During the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel on rented cars to this place of religion as it was prohibited to have any faith. That is why the mosque was closed and was impossible to be visited during tours in Kyrgyzstan. Though after the Muslim community gave money for the needs of repair from actions of WW2, the rites were again allowed. And now it is possible to travel in Kyrgyzstan and make a witness of the gorge in the course of your tours.