Kyrgyz Fauna

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent cars one can notice that fauna is also rich and interesting as flora of the country. In the course of a tour in the country you will be able to notice that everything depends on the altitude. Even animals live on different altitudes and according to these altitudes you can see the change of them. Starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan please note that some animals may be dangerous and you are not advised to make a close contact. When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan at the altitudes of 3,400 and 3,800 m above sea level it is possible to witness such animals like marmots, mountain voles and field voles, brown bears, hares, wild rams, and mountain goats. At higher altitudes it is possible to witness birds like alpine choughs, red-bellied redstarts, rock pigeons, partridges, golden eagles, falcons, hawks, and buzzards and bullfinches. We are glad to hear that you have decided to travel in Kyrgyzstan and we can organize a rent car tour when you will be able to travel to all the peculiar sites and witness all the necessary facts.