Kyrgyz Khan Tengri

The other famous peak which is known to be of great popularity among all who travel in Kyrgyzstan is Khan Tengri. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be given a great amount of facts which cover all the peculiarities of the country and which are of great interest for all who are making tours. The peak Khan Tengri is seen to be one of the most popular ones among the highest peaks of the country and the mountains of Central Asia. It is estimated to be 6995m above sea level with reaching 7010m with the cap of ice. In the course of a tour which you are going to travel we identify that the peak had undergone a great amount of investigations made by travellers who were in a tour.

The peak was mistaken with the peak Pobeda and this mistake was made by the investigator P. Semyenov. As he was all in travelling along Kyrgyzstan and Tien Shan Mountains he was given a title of Tianshansky. We are glad to give you details about tours in Kyrgyzstan and describe sites where you can travel being in our country. The local name of the peak is Kan Tau (Blood Mountain) and we have two versions of such a name. We suppose the mountain has such a name die to being dangerous for mountaineers. Until 1989 it was prohibited to travel in the mountains and visit various high altitude sites.