Kyrgyz Mountain ranges

If you want to create your own program of the tours, it is better to use our car rent service. In that case, you will have an opportunity to travel to amazing mountains ranges in Kyrgyzstan. Our travel agency prepared for you a general description of the territory of the country. The total number of ranges is about 88. Some of them are separated from each other, some of them are connected.

The central range of Kyrgyzstan is named the Tien Shan Range ("the Celestial Mountains range"). In addition, there are ranges like Chon Alai in the South. It is also a continuation of Pamir Mountain system. The range serves as a division of the country into the Northern and Southern part of the country. During the tours the guests rest and enjoy the amazing nature of mountains ranges. The longest of them are the Kyrgyz Range (454 km) and Kakshaal (582 km).

We recommend you to rent a car and get acquainted with the nature of Terksey Ala Too range. The name means "shady mountains". The Kungey Ala Too are known as the "sunny mountains". Pamir Alai mountains create a division of the Tien Shan into Turkestan and Alai ranges. Snow covers the mountains all year round, it never melts.  Consequently during the tours in Kyrgyzstan the guests can see the Ala-Too mountains ("colorful mountains") from any destinations.  


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