Kyrgyz Peak Lenin

Talking about peculiar sites of the country we notice that it is possible to travel to the peak Lenin. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to travel almost in all the regions of the country as in the Osh region, for example. Peak Lenin is located at the border with Tajikistan and is estimated to be 7134m above sea level. As the history says, it was prohibited to rent cars to travel to the mountains and make any tours.

The peak is known to be the aim of most of alpinists and in 1871 there was one of the first expeditions and tours. The peak is known to be named as Peak Kaufman in honor of the general and Soviet leader.

We would like to give you the information before you take Bishkek car rent and start to travel in Kyrgyzstan about attempts of mounting the top. In 1929 the team failed to vault the top but in 1934 a group of professionals decided to repeat their attempt and put the monument to Lenin right at the top of the peak.

In 1967 the tour of 301 people travelled to the mountain in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union - there were 20 women among them. They gave an opportunity to those who travel in Kyrgyzstan nowadays to try a tour along 16 new routes. In 1974 a group of women were taken by the storm, in 1991 an earthquake took 42 climbers.

You have an opportunity to travel in Kyrgyzstan and witness a great amount of opportunities during your travelling. We will surely inform you about all the advantages of tours and you will have full information about our country.