Kyrgyz Peak Pobeda

You, our dearest guests, have a great opportunity to take Bishkek car rent and travel in Kyrgyzstan and witness a great amount of peculiarities of the country, and one of the features of the country you should know during a tour is peak Lenin. This peak is known as one of the highest peaks in the country with the height of 7 439m above sea level. Being in a rented car tour in Kyrgyzstan you will find out that the peak is located at the border with China and form the Chinese side it is named as Tomur Peak.

Long time ago it was prohibited to travel in Kyrgyzstan mountains and only local citizens were able to get the allowance of starting tours. The peak was mistook with the peak Khan Tengri by P. Semyenov. He thought they are of the same shape and due to this fact both peaks were named as Khan Tengri during various periods of time.

As for the attempts of vaulting the peak, we see number of people trying to do it. In the course of the tour when they decided to travel to the peak in 1955 the group from Kazakhstan and  Uzbekistan didn't manage to vault it. It was rather sad vaulting as it took all the people despite 12 members of their team.