Kyrgyz Political situation

Starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan you should take cars for rent and be well-aware of the political situation of the country. In the course of starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you will be given a great amount of facts and details of the situation in the country that ever happened. We would like you to know that in 2005 and 2010 it was not recommended to make tours and travel in Kyrgyzstan as the situation was not stable. While being in the center of those events it was dangerous and threats were everywhere. Those people making revolutions were asking for the president and the government to resign. Anyway, it was in the past. We have a great desire to show you Kyrgyzstan for you to rent a car and travel here and find out that now it is safe and you will be in a pleasant atmosphere while making tours. You are advised to tell us your wishes and desires as we are looking forward for making you pleased with the service we offer.