Kyrgyz Territory

Talking about the territory of Kyrgyzstan we need to identify that the general information takes place of the idea about Central Asia and Tien Shan mountains. In the course of a tour on cars for rent in the country of mountains and permanent snow in the very mountains. Starting a tour in our country we recommend you to start an investigational excursion. Kyrgyzstan borders various other countries and neighbors are as follows - China is in the east, Kazakhstan is in the north, Uzbekistan is in the west, and Tajikistan is in the south. Here we would like to introduce the regions of Kyrgyzstan where it is possible to travel:


All these regions have sites where it is possible to travel on car rent and make a witness of places of significant historical meaning. We are glad to make a tour which is going to cover all this places of interest. In the course of starting a tour travelled by you in Kyrgyzstan you will be given a great amount of facts and details.