Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, the country of high mountains and endless lakes. We are glad to note that there are about 2000 lakes here, in our country. It is impossible to visit all of them, but we will try to show the most essential and significant ones.

Making a tour here, the guests will be able to see the following lakes. They are of great importance of the people of the country.

The first lake where all can travel is Issyk Kul Lake. It is known to be the pearl of the country, being translated as "hot lake". The reason to such a name can be described by the idea of it never to freeze. It is located at the height of 1600m above sea level and it is the most visited place by the people going from abroad.

Son Kul Lake is a popular place at the height of 3016m above sea level. The visitors can witness it from June to September, as during the other seasons and periods of the year it is covered with snow, precipitations are high. Kyrgyzstan tours are the great option for those who want to see it as they are organized in accordance with season of the year and mountain conditions.

The next lake is Chayr Kul, at the height of 3530m above sea level. The lake is fishless and visiting of it also depends on the season and mountains.

The Merzbacher lakes are mysterious ones. Kyrgyzstan tours to them can be made, but note that each summer they disappear. Sary Chelek is a sort of the valley which is flooded with the waters. It is impossible to visit it as the territory is of the National Park with the restricted access.


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