Kyrgyzstan is a country where there are different nationalities and the question of a language should be reversed better. We are glad to note that guests who travel here will get special vocabularies with basic words in Kyrgyz and translation in English language. But, taking Kyrgyzstan tours you can't get without a guide, who will help you during the tour.

There are two languages, and the state one is Kyrgyz. The people see the history as follows - first there was the Orhon-Yenisey script, then Arabic alphabet, then Latin alphabet and only in the Soviet Union the Cyrillic alphabet. But, in the very beginning there was no any written language, only oral way of showing the thoughts. There are the dialects of the Kyrgyz language - northern and southern.

The Russian language is the language of intercultural communication, and being in the country all can turn to the locals in the Russian, during Kyrgyzstan tours. Unfortunately, the English language is not included in the group of languages of the country.