Manas complex

The Manas complex is the complex located in 22 km from Talas. It is the site which is greatly recommended for the guests to see in the process of their tour. Also, it is said to be the national complex of great cultural and historical meaning. The vast territory is estimated to be of 2.25 km2. At the same time Kyrgyzstan tours organized here are aimed at the investigation of the atmosphere of the place created by the heroes for the hero. It is said that the people created it in honor of the Manas, the national hero of the Kyrgyz people. All around the site there stand the balbals, the stone warriors. In translation they mean "ancestors" so that the previous warriors died for the future of the people. We highly recommend including the site in the list of Kyrgyzstan tours as here you will surely feel the atmosphere of greatness.  The guests can travel in Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the greatness of the history.