Our main aim is to show the mountains of Kyrgyzstan which can be seen from the point of view of geography and biology. Making a tour here the guests will travel along the high peaks, lowlands and valleys. They will pass gorges and pastures, sites which are connected with the legends and myths in the time between Kyrgyzstan tours.

The country is seen from the point of view of a mountainous location, which is always at the altitudes. More than 94% of it is at the height of 1000m above sea level and 71% is at 2000m above sea level. The country is seen to be at the Tien Shan Mountain Range.

This range is going throughout the countries of Central Asia with 2/3 being here. There are a lot of peaks which can be investigated during Kyrgyzstan tours. Recommendation is seen in communication with trip companies and local dwellers.