Out-of-date dresses

Because traditional Kyrgyz clothes is a fascinating topic on your tour, our staff has opted to develop a one-of-a-kind page on it. So, welcome to Kyrgyzstan, rent a car from us, and get ready for an amazing tour. Today, a significant number of visitors may travel across our varied country and engage in customs and traditions, including wearing traditional clothes.

Travelers usually want to learn as much as they can about the Kyrgyzstan they are visiting. Clothes tend to symbolize the fundamental ideas and facts of the people and the country. Kyrgyz clothes are often made of a material that signifies spiritual life, and it has been and continues to be unique for over 700 years. People's attire is rarely seen in everyday life, save on special occasions. Furthermore, the attire relates to the nomadic people's way of life, helping them to feel at peace when soaring through the skies. You will undoubtedly like it if you go on a tour and rent a car.

Kyrgyzstan car rent can transport travelers to museums that display traditional clothing, including outwear and undergarments. Men wore "jarq shym," "kandagay," and "chalbar" trousers. "Ichik" standing sideways with a warm coat. It is composed of wolf, fox, and lynx fur. This coat may also be a part of a woman's everyday look. Similarly, males like to wear Chokoy and Charyk shoes, as well as Tebetey, Kalpak, and Malakai hats.

Women were dressed in their beloved "beldemchi" skirts. The girls' hats were invariably adorned with bird feathers. In addition to conventional decorations, pearls, and valuable stones. Girls used to wear a jacket called a "chyptama" during the period.


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