Peak Pobeda

Peak Pobeda is one of the highest peaks in Kyrgyzstan, gets to the height of 7439m above sea level. Long time ago, in the period of the Soviet Union it was the second highest peak. Now, those who travel a tour can notice that the peak has the border with China. From the Chinese side the name is Tomur Peak.

P. Semyenov used to make Kyrgyzstan tours, made he mistook this peak with the one of Khan Tengri. That is why both were named as Khan Tengri, during different periods of time. Kyrgyzstan tours were even prohibited in the Soviet Union. But the people still were vaulting them.

The name was taken in honor of the victory in the WW2. Along with it there were made attempts to conquer the top. In 1938 the Soviet Union tried to do it, but they were not aware of the real weather circumstances there, so they had to go down. Then in 1955 the teams from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan made a success. If it can be named like this. 12 members survived, all the others were taken by the powers of the mountains.