Coming here guests notice that the population of the country is rich. And it is true, there are a lot of different nationalities living here. Kyrgyzstan tours are aimed at the tries to show the guests the perfect relations of the local people and other nationalities in Kyrgyzstan. It is possible to travel here and immerse in the hospitality. The local people are always glad to inform about the facts they know of the country. Talking about the groups of nationalities, the amount of the Kyrgyz is 70%. These are also the nomads living in the mountains. Then we see that the Russian are about %, the Uzbeks are 14%, and the group of Dungans, Uighurs, Kazakhs, and Tajiks takes the 8%. During the tour it will be possible to communicate with various people of the country. Also, note that if you have any troubles in the time of Kyrgyzstan tours, the locals will always help.