Kyrgyzstan is a country where the guests travel with an aim to investigate the ranges. There is the Tien Shan System and the Pamir System. These are the main mountain systems of the country. The alpinists have a great love to the mountains and that is why they usually want to make a tour here.

The Pamir System makes a distinction of the country into North and South, with the road Bishkek-Osh connecting them. The longest range which can be seen in Kyrgyzstan tours is Kakshaal of 582km and the second one is Kyrgyz of 454km. Also, the famous mountain ranges of the country are the Terskey Ala Too range and the Kungey Ala Too range. They surround the pearl Issyk Kul and may be investigate during Kyrgyzstan tours.

Also, from any site of the country it is possible to see the mountains. The white tops of the "Ala Too" mountains literally show us the essence of the "bright and colorful ones". Also, there are small ranges as Ak Sheirak, Chatkal, Ferghana and so on.