It is worth taking the time to investigate the relief of Kyrgyzstan. The country is surrounded by the highest mountains and bordered by quite interesting countries.

For example, with car rent in Bishkek Lexus LX470 while traveling in Kyrgyzstan, tourists will learn that neighboring countries are China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. On the tour, guests of our country visit a large number of alpine lakes, gorges and rivers, so the country is mountainous.

Most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan lies above 1000m. Non-melting glaciers can be seen in hard-to-reach areas with rent a car service. Here, on the territory of this small country, you can also find even steppes and deserts. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, 6.3% of land is used in agriculture; there are also forests, glaciers, lakes.

The surprisingly rich nature of Kyrgyzstan does not leave tourists indifferent on cars for rent on the tour. Travel and enjoy!