Restaurants and cafes

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, the country of restaurants and cafés. We are glad to offer the number of such sites which can be visited in a tour you travel here.

"Arzu" is the place of Kyrgyz, Uigur, Dungan and European cuisine. The main idea is said to be located in the very center of the country, in the capital. The average price is 15 $ and even vegetarians can find what they need here. The location is Togolok Moldo, 13. And "Arzu Grand" is the bigger site for the guests in Kyrgyzstan tours with the location of Jibek Jolu street.

"Tyubeteika" is the restaurant which resembles the "Arzu" but it is more expensive, but with the same cuisine and delicious food. There are Kyrgyz singers there and you can listen to the Kyrgyz music having meals there. Being with the children in the country, come here on Saturday. The location is Turusbekov 31.

"Chayhana Navat" is truly the place of the Turkic style. Here the guests can order European and Chinese cuisine, as well as traditional tea and jam. The locations are as follows, Kievskiy 114/1, Fuchika 3, Tokombaev 32, Turusbekov 100, Kurmanjan Datka 242, Baytik Baatyr 55, Ibraimova 42 streets.

Café "Faiza" is a sort of the canteen with the good value of food and money. It is always clean there, food is delicious and there is no add % for the service. Just 10 soms per the person, which is very cheap. The location is Mederova 159, Jibek Jolu 555 Streets.

"Chef. Tenishev's Restaurant"  is the place of exquisite food, which is delicious and tasty. The place is located at the 122, Tynystanova str. Here the atmosphere is calm and cozy, the romantic atmosphere also exists. The cuisine of European and Italian is served. The average price is 30-50 $  per the person.

Also, being in Kyrgyzstan tours the guests can visit small sites as "Yr Kese, "Usta", "Nar", "Mario", "Omar ne Hayam", Café-bar "Ugolok" and "Zolden".  Some of them are pubs, some are small cafes. But each is amazing from the point of view of the cuisine and service.

Steak House "Attila" is the restaurant of the highly honored people. Here Kyrgyz and European cuisine is served. The style of the restaurant is of the Turkic tribes. The time of the order bringing is about 5-10 minutes. The meat is previously fermented. The average prices are 20-30$ per the person. Being in a way to Ala Archa gorge all can visit it. The atmosphere is of wood and leather. All of the guests are usually glad with the service and food.

Pinta Pub is a pub for those who love football, as the game is shown here on the bigger screen. The location is Frunze, 99 and Tokombaeva, 13. What is served here?  - beer of various kinds, steaks and kebab which usually costs 3 to 5 $. Being here you can try beef, lamb and horse meat, fish. The atmosphere is cozy and sportive one.

Navigator is located at 103, Moskovskaya str. And it is very popular among the visitors of the country. They love it as the staff is ready to inform and take an order in English. Cuisine as traditional, European, East Asian is served. The average prices are 20 to 30 $ per the person. Being in the very center of Bishkek any boarder or local dweller can visit it.

"Buffet" is the canteen of various locations - 147/1 Chuy str, 96 Kievskaya str, 174 Chuy str and 7 Manas Str. Here it is possible to visit it any time of the day, 24/7. The food is simple but delicious, it is cozy and clean here. There vast accommodation is 150 people. The prices are rather cheap and all can have a meal of a great size for the small prices.

"Slim Fit" is the café for those who follow a healthy way of life. There are products brought from the USA. So that those coming from other countries can take a meal of delicious food of their usual products. The guests can order omelets, scrambled eggs, cereals, from beef, chicken and seafood.

"Yr Kese" is made in the style of Kyrgyz tribal life. Here only national cuisine is served. The guests can notice also the ideas of the country of the Soviet Union. There is music of tradition Kyrgyz style. The ethnic ideas are also seen. Traditional drinks are served, as Jarma, Maksym, Bozo, Chalap and Kumis. Actually, if you want to try Kyrgyz food, welcome here.