In this review of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, you know more information about the country. Now tours are carried out with the help of different travel companies. Of course, all this is due to the fact that they will take better care of how travelers enter and leave the country, what places to include in the list of visited places, etc.

Such travel companies have been operating for quite some time and, accordingly, their work is important. Our company is no exception; we do our job with pleasure. We have a large selection of cars for rent. Our tours are tailored solely to the personal preferences of each traveler. We include in the tour only those details that satisfy your wishes.

All-wheel drive vehicles are very popular when it comes to cars for rent. This is explained by the fact that the roads in Kyrgyzstan are of low quality. Jeep rental is in the first place.

Travelers on a tour of the mountain area can go hiking, trekking and horse riding. There will also be an opportunity to meet local residents and talk to them during tour with rent car service. The people of Kyrgyzstan are very hospitable. Our guests on the tour spend their nights in comfortable guesthouses or in traditional Kyrgyz dwellings, which are called yurts. Do not expect comfort in yurts, because the toilet is on the street and showers rarely exist in them. By contacting our company, clients get everything they need on the tour.