Rivers cover the territory of Kyrgyzstan, come from the other countries and go to the neighboring ones. It is estimated to be about 40000 rivers in the country, with some of them a tour can be made. When you have decided to travel here it is necessary to pay attention to the rivers itself as mostly they are severe.

Kyrgyzstan tours are aimed at the opportunity to be given to the people to see them, to feel fresh water surrounded by pristine nature of the country. Some of the rivers were created by the melting of snow and glaciers.

First we would like to note that there is the longest river, which is used for rafting - River Naryn. it is 535 km long, divided into the Big and Little Naryn Rivers. Also it flows to the Toktogul Reservoir and then leaves the country.

The Talas - it is the other famous river where Kyrgyzstan tours are made. It is peculiar for the history - in 751 there were events when the Chinese people had to suffer from the threats and wars, which revealed the secrets of silk and paper creation.

The Chui river is located in the north of the country, in the Naryn region. It goes along the Boom gorge, along the Kyrgyz range. Then the river flows to Kazakhstan.

The Sary Jaz river is located at the Khan Tengri peak. Also, it borders the Chinese side. It was also suggested to make the road, but failed. So the region of the river is great for trekking and any kinds of a trip.

The Chatkal river is located in the west of the Tien Shan mountain range. It is going to Uzbekistan, and long time ago it was possible to raft along it.  But now it is prohibited due to strict visa regime.

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