Rukh Ordo complex

Dear guests, our team is glad to shoe the Rukh Ordo complex during the tour in Kyrgyzstan. Now, everyone can travel here and watch with their own eyes the true magnificence. The complex was created in the Issyk Kul region, with the Kungei Ala-Too in the north and the Issy Kul in the south.

In the time of Kyrgyzstan tours it is going to be an amazing site where the secrets of the last years are hidden. Mainly, it is created with respect to various religions, the 5 of them. And the white domes symbolize them. Being in Kyrgyzstan tours here the visitors can understand that the aim of the creators was seen in the idea of respect to the other people, even if they are of different religions. That is why tolerance and respect must be an obligatory side of the person for the harmony in the life.