Self-drive rules

As any tour concerns, the trip in Kyrgyzstan must be done with the following of some self-drive rules. These rules are followed by residents and visitants of the country. Here they are:

  • The car should be reserved in a good course of time. It is described by the fact that the season of trips is rather intensive and most of the cars and dates can be already taken. For you to know, the season is from June to September. Then we can witness the deterioration of weather.
  • For driving a car in Kyrgyzstan tours guests must be more than 18 and less than 64. In other case it is possible to travel, but not to drive.
  • The payment is usually made in various currency - dollars, euro, soms.
  • There is the car insurance and for it there is a necessity to pay the deposit of 400$. On returning the car in the same condition the deposit will be returned back. In case there was the accident or some kind of a break, the amount needed for the repair will be taken. The other part will be paid by the insurance company. But note that the broken windows, tires and roof with bottom can't be covered by the insurance.
  • For those who have started Kyrgyzstan tours it is obligatory to pay attention to the limits. The mileage limit says that it is important for the drivers to cover just 300km in a day. And the territorial limit concerns our country, as well as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. But the payment for insurance will be extra 50$.
  • All of the rules must be followed. It means that drivers are obliged to be with no alcohol in blood. At the same time they must drive at the speed of 40-60 km/h in the city and 90 km/h between the villages. And headlights must be turned on.
  • When there is an accident you must remember all the representatives, witnesses, the type of the accident. Then call our managers and members of the police.
  • The fuel must be of the same amount at the moment of returning the car. In other case guests will have to pay at the prices of the contract.