Son Kul lake

Son Kul Lake is a miracle which can be seen in a tour in the country of wonders - Kyrgyzstan. Happy to announce that our members are glad to organize Kyrgyzstan tours for all to travel here and see the wonders of Son Kul Lake.

The lake is located at the height of 3016m above sea level, high in the mountains. That is why the temperatures are rather severe here. It is possible to organize Kyrgyzstan tours here from June to September, as the territory is not covered with snow yet. The landscapes are spellbinding, there are emerald green pastures and meadows, the lake of indescribable colors. The nomads use these territories for cattle breeding in summer period.

Actually, the lake was fishless and different kinds of fish were brought here on purpose. And about 100 tons of it is caught every year. Being here the visitors can forget about the problems of the crowd city. And just immerse in harmony.