Traditions and Customs

Traditions and customs is a versatile genre of the Kyrgyz people. It is necessary to travel here a tour to be able to feel the harmony of the souls. Basically taking Kyrgyzstan tours it will be possible to wear national clothes for making photos. Though, not all the guests want a desire to do it. Being in Kyrgyzstan and wandering about the cities, visitants will not see the traditional clothes.

But, in case they make Kyrgyzstan tours outside the cities, in the very mountains, they can see that the nomadic people still exist and they wear their national clothes which were basically created with taking in account weather circumstances.

For better acquaintance we have decided to point out the main customs in the sphere of bread - "komoch-nan"(round bread), "tandyr-nan" baked in tandyr and "boorsok" as the main decoration of the table. Then the customs touch the wedding. In this case each bride must have a special box with pillows, blankets, carpets and all the other clothes and things they may need in the married life.