One of the most famous options which can be seen in a tour in Kyrgyzstan is the traditional dwelling, yurt. The yurt is known to be the dwelling which can be taken together and apart in order to be taken to different places of the country. It is known that in the past the Kyrgyz people were the nomads, living in tribes. They used to breed cattle and that it why they needed pastures and meadows.

For now everyone can travel here in the mountains and still notice the nomads living the life of their ancestors. The very word "yurt" means "the people". This tells us that it was created for the people, to bring harmony in their lives, to show that they should be harmonically connected with the entire universe. Kyrgyzstan tours are created the way to show this true essence. We want to show the guests the nomadic dwelling and that is why organize various types of Kyrgyzstan tours.