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Height of 1.4 m, thickness 1 -1.2 m on the walls lay the overlap of the three rows of logs, and two lower rows up from the Tien Shan spruce logs and the top - from dzhida. Resting on the ceiling of a domed roof, consisting of sixteen alternating layers of stone and brush. The layer thickness of 15-25 cm diameter gradually decreased as the lifting up. Thus, in the original tomb was podkvadratnuyu base and a rounded roof. The size structure of the Inland measurement of 3X4 m, height 2.7 m
On the east side is the entrance width of 1.5 meters on both sides of the entrance to a distance of 2 m from each other on the two dug in the table ba. Two internal column nadstavleny short logs. In the places of their connection cut out holes in the wood are crammed to lyshki. For greater strength of the junction has tightened thick ropes Chiev mi. Above the entrance to the chamber over the ne rekrytiya lay two layers of reed mats, tied with ropes and Chiev. At the entrance was laid stump logs. The tomb was looted, found only within the razroz nennye human bones.
Excavated from the mounds of small, we will describe only those who gave dating material or a new type of burial structures.
Mound 15. Embankment with riprap, on top of a funnel in left by looters, the depth of 0.8 m diameter mound of 18 m, height of 2 m on the vertical section of the mound, we followed the structure of the mound, it was ich three alternating layers of stone and rubble from the loess Coy.
Above the burial pit was built oval stone layout. The tomb, stretched from the north-west to south-east, had a length of 2.90 m and 1.90 m wide at the bottom of it was like building a stone box, consisting of individual stones and slabs set on edge. Its size 2,30 X1 am in this "box" found scattered human bones.
      Mound 25. The mound of gravel mixed with stone, diameter 8.5 m, height 1.08 m at the top of the funnel had a regular shape depth: Noah 0,5 JK. Later, when excavation revealed that it is educational las a result of soil sediments, which occurred after the rotted wooden flooring of the grave. Funnel misled robbers and saved the mound from predatory excavations.

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